Monday, January 24, 2011

"Despair" Monday - Achievement

I LOVE - I know they are DE-motivators, but they make me laugh... And on a Monday, when most people are going "back to work," a good laugh to start the week is important! We have several of their greeting cards framed and hanging in our den. Nothing like a good de-motivator that gets you ready to work...!

Of course, just to be a little booger, I must point out that MY personal "weekend" starts on Mondays... because I'm a stay-home Mom who finally (FINALLY!!!!) has both kids in school all-day, and Monday's allow me a whole day of quiet... And that makes me smile too...!

(I won't rub it in about Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Fridays....)

Anyway - today's Despair is "ACHIEVEMENT."

Yeah... that "expendable labor" is key...

Enjoy your Monday.
:) Mags

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