Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Billie Jean Heads To The Old Folks' Home...

My 9-year old has it all figured out... He's decided that his "Plan A" is to live in my basement and play video games all day long while adopting various orphan boys for me to take care of."

I told him he better start looking for a Plan B... ;)

This is the kid who's going to be picking my nursing home... hopefully one where they don't beat me with wooden spoons. But, I'm hopeful that he'll find me a place where I can bust-a-move like the old people in this video. It starts slow (because they're old, of course), but it's worth it to stick with it to the end. I bet when he recorded "Billie Jean," Michael Jackson had no idea that his song would appeal to ALL ages... :)

I bet I'm going to be one hilarious old person... that nursing home better start preparing now...

;) Mags

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