Thursday, March 3, 2011

Revealing The Bus Stop Superhero...

Our son, Luke, has always been super-creative. This year, in 1st grade, his teacher asked the class to "get the kitten out of the tree." She passed out a sheet of paper with a tall tree on it and a hapless kitten stuck within the limbs. Most kids drew a fire truck or a person with a ladder...

Luke staged a 4-prong rescue:
  1. A set of paratroopers jumped from a plane flying overhead to try to snag the kitten on their decent.
  2. A fire-breathing dragon ambled in to burn down the tree and
  3. A tank lumbered to the base of the tree to catch the kitten as it fell from the incinerated tree
  4. Finally, if all of that failed, someone brought that ladder. :)
He's ALWAYS ignored "the box" completely and done things his own way!

So it wasn't a surprise when a few years ago, he created THE BUS STOP SUPERHERO! For at least 6 months, Luke dressed up in a different superhero concoction and walked with us to Jack's bus stop. A Darth Vader Mask + a Ninja Turtle Sword + Batman Cape one day... a light saber + Wolverine Claw + Power Ranger costume the next:

Sometimes, The BUS STOP SUPERHERO enlists the help of his trusty partner, Princess Leah. Don't let her name fool you... she has made many older kids cry with her superpowers...!

And at the end of the day, the BUS STOP SUPERHERO crashes hard in his lair... ready to protect and serve another day.

No matter what the costume, we always knew we were protected at the bus stop when THE BUS STOP SUPERHERO WAS AROUND!!

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