Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sign Of The Times

I was at the old hometown mall last week - it's been a while. A lot of the same shops were there: 3 department stores, Lerner, Lenscrafters, Spencer gifts, etc. I had to laugh as I walked by Lane Bryant - there was a sign out front that said "We Have Jeggings!"

In case you don't know, Lane Bryant is a plus-size women's store. And before you get your panties in a wad that I'm trashing overweight people, I've waffled across 3 sizes in the last 10 years and have shopped at Lane Bryant before so I feel qualified to say, "If you are wearing any size that ends in "W," Jeggings will NOT flatter your figure!" Honestly, jeggings won't flatter anyone's figure and really shouldn't be worn by anyone older than 10 years old, but that's just my opinion.

Speaking of signs, here are a few others that just aren't quite right, but will make you laugh just the same!

Found any funny signs? Feel free to post a link in the comments section,

:) Mags

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