Friday, April 29, 2011

What...? There was Royal Wedding Today?? ;)

I hope nothing (else) significant is happening in the world today... because every station has been tuned in to William and Catherine's Royal Wedding!  I even went to a Wedding Party at 4AM this morning!  

 My friend, Sally, was ready for the celebration with scones and crumpets (YUM!), tea and (mercifully!) coffee.  We had turned down the sound on the TV and, instead, added our own commentary... I mean, with the absence of Joan Rivers (what's a Red Carpet without Joan asking the guests "who" they are wearing?!!), we needed to add our own comedic retorts!

And of course, it got me thinking about my own wedding... and what comical things happened back on Dec. 30, 1995...  

First off, my grandfather, Grandpa Paul, ran over his own foot with his car the morning of the rehearsal dinner.  He had started to back-up the car, then stopped to open the door for some reason and stepped out??? - And he accidentally took his other foot off of the break and the car rolled backwards... over his own foot!!!  Sadly this happened in Virginia at the beginning of my grandparents 12-hour drive to my wedding... but he ended up driving here anyway (with a majorly smooshed foot!) and wore a slipper for the rehearsal dinner and wedding (good thing his feet are hidden in the family picture! - LOL!).  Fortunately his foot wasn't broken... not that he'd have known right away given that he refused to see a doctor!  *shakes head*... silly Grandpa!! ;)

The other thing that still gives my husband, David, and I chuckles is the video.  My Uncle graciously agreed to film the wedding from the church balcony which was so wonderful of him.  After the honeymoon, when we watched the show, we noticed a few frames that caused a literal LOL ...  At the back of our church was a beautiful and tall wooden cross.  And you know how, with cameras, you can turn the camera sideways to get a good "long shot?"  Well, my uncle momentarily forgot he was using a VIDEO camera and mid-way through the video the entire screen turns on its edge!!

(And since turning a video camera on it's edge doesn't work quite the same way, 
you still couldn't see the full cross!)

This is what it *should* have looked like!

The family that laughs together... stays together, right?  And I'm sure William and Kate have a few LOL moments themselves.  You got any funny wedding stories?  I'd love to hear them!

:) Mags

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  1. My Dad taped the music for our wedding and wrote down the order of everything for the sound guy. The sound guy proceeded to start the Shania Twain/Bryan White song, "From This Moment" mid-way through. It went from complete silence to Shania Twain screaming out "FROM THIS MOMENT!!!!!"

    Then, we got to the reception to listen to the world's worst DJ sing his blazing rendition of "Lady" by Kenny Rogers. Keep in mind-he's a DJ, not a one-man band.

    To end the night, a girl I went to college with vomited about a foot from me. For most people, that wouldn't be such a big deal. Unfortunately for me, my worst fears are (in order) 1) hearing/seeing someone vomit and 2) spiders. I was in hysterics! I could not stop thinking about it for over a week. I need therapy, don't I...


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