Sunday, May 15, 2011

Technology is crazy...!

So I'm testing out writing a blog post from my iPhone!! Yes... There's an app for that!!

These newfangled mobile phones are just amazing. Remember when all a telephone did was CALL somebody? And it was attached to the wall with this long cord? I used to have to snake the phone cord from the hallway, down the hall, under my door, and into my room if I wanted a private conversation! Now "talking" is something I rarely do on my phone!!-- Because my phone is also used for texting, gaming, reading, Facebook, navigation, etc. It holds my email, my calendar, shopping lists, books, photos, and more. These 40Gs of memory are packed full with various bits of information! I wonder what Alexander Graham bell would say if he could see us now!!

Of course our phone etiquette needs some work. My friend, Steph, recently informed me that I've become a "Text Turd" ... A person who can't leave her phone. It's either in my hand or in my pocket. I seem to have developed this insatiable need to have a tangible hold to The Grid. Being "off the grid" makes me feel physically uneasy... Like when I was a teenager and my Mom would vacuum the house-- I couldn't stand not knowing if the phone was ringing. (I still hate the sound of the vacuum!) at least now, I cam set my phone to "vibrate!"

I saw this funny guy on Conan who was talking about how technology is amazing-- yet still nobody's happy. Check this out:

:) Mags

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