Friday, July 1, 2011

No "You Tube" in the 80's... Whew!

I love technology.  I love cell phones, and computers, and the World Wide Web.  I love my smart phone, and my DVR, and flat screen TV's.  But I'm SO thankful that some of these technologies were NOT invented in the 80's when I was in high school!!  Because if You Tube had been invented, then somewhere, out there, there would be a video of my "Vote For Mags" rap.  Junior year of high school, I decided that the best way to appeal to our very diverse school population was to rap my student council speech.  So I got a DJ-friend of mine to mix some background music, grabbed a funky hat and the most "parachute-y" pants I could find, and braved my way in front of 440 people...

Unfortunately, there was only one microphone.  Should I put it with my voice?  Or the music?
I chose my voice.

Imagine a spiral-permed, white girl trying to rap on the school gymnasium floor in front of multi-hundred students all staring down, open-mouthed from the bleachers.  They couldn't hear any music past the first row of kids - but they could all hear ME loud and clear...
Maggie... Vote for Maggie!
Come on!  Come on!
Maggie... Vote for Maggie...!

It wasn't a pretty sight.
In my head, I had imagined the entire student body standing up and clapping along...
In reality, there was shocked silence... and a few laughs...
And, needless to say, I didn't win that vice-presidential election.

But I did better than the girl who played the piccolo for her speech! 

I'm just thankful that there isn't a video record saved out there in cyberspace!!

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